Fall Winter 19 Campaign

The watershed is something important: you find currents and new waves can bring you through unforgettable passages. Essedue is in its fifth year of life: it has this turning point ahead and a new wave to catch.

A step anticipated by the relocation to the new plant in Southern Italy, which gave rise to the model of the smart artisanal factory


The Fall Winter 2019 collection is inspired by the Eighties. Watershed years as it is the moment we live now. In those years, uncertainty was a source of inspiration for cultural currents such as the New Age, for the search for new sounds and images, innovative styles and experimental music such as electronic music, synthesizers, the first computer-based music.


The Fall Winter 2019 campaign is called Look Further. It is an incitement to go beyond, to look beyond that watershed, beyond the important stage, enhancing one’s potential, cultivating one’s talents and riding the new wave that is about to arrive.


Inspirational icon: David Bowie


David Bowie, the Thin White Duke. Multifaceted artist. Singer-songwriter, painter, icon of the Eighties. With his musical compositions, made of rock and electronic music, he marked an era. Aesthetically. Histrionic face, mysterious beauty, in his performances he combined disguise and transfigurations with the well-kept elegance, chic clothes with unparalleled charm. For us he is an inspiration to dare and create eyewear.

The Essedue collection from these stimuli presents itself with revisited forms of the Eighties, with delicate colors as well as energetically alive. The styles rework the inspirational proposal, with a modeling where the acetate millings are the contour of the sunglass lenses; while the details on the temples and on the front characterize its identity. The spectacle frame modeling is very wide in order to consolidate the customer experience that with prescription glasses entrenchs its commercial proposal. For women’s capsules, the colours gluings of the spectacle frame are always made with great attention to detail, while for men they correspond to the minimalist palette.

The collection is divided into three proposals: PRIMA, the avant-garde sunglasses line, in which experiments with shapes and workmanships coexist, along with the rediscovery of the Eighties in new styles and colours; the Basic Capsule dedicated to prescription glasses; and the entry-level one, the Customized Capsule.