Women’s Oversized Square Frame Chic Fashion by Essedue sunglasses. Elegant and vintage style. Handmade in Italy by Essequadro with exclusive cellulosa acetate of Mazzucchelli…

Women’s Oversized Square Frame Chic Fashion. Handmade in Italy by Essequadro’s factory, with exclusive color of acetate, made by Mazzucchelli.
Indignation has an elegant and vintage style. It’s a model of PRIMA collection.
Indignation is available in colors: black, pink and an exclusive color, in limited edition: green color.  The peculiarity of this frame is the limited edition acetate from Mazzucchelli, made 26 years ago, and now out of production. 
The ability of our artisans created unique colours effects, so that you can think that it is a result of 2 different acetate sheets glued together. 
Instead, it is just one acetate sheet that we worked with the best machines and the best artisans to get the best out from the acetate.
The box contains a semi-hard case and a cleaning cloth.

– Individually adjustable
– Hinge screws Steel 
– Mazzucchelli 1849 cellulosa acetate
– European Certification of CR39 Lenses  
– Certification of Handmade in Italy
– The box contains a semi-hard case and a cleaning cloth