Oversize sunglasses, handmade by Essedue, with Cellulose Acetate Mazzucchelli, and details processed on the front


Oversize sunglasses

JOHN is the eyewear design. Thinking about reworking vintage models. From butterfly shapes, #cateye, through the saphenous use of Mazzucchelli 1849 cellulose acetate.

A #oversize butterfly with elaborate workmanship, thanks to the passion that only Italian craftsman can generate.
Lightweight and durable women’s glasses that can be worn with both lenses and sunglasses.

JOHN’s colors are a radically innovative and original match game. Thanks to the bonding of multiple acetate sheets and handcrafted workmanship, two colors are visible on the front. While the insertion of a particular resin draws a line to emphasize the contour of the eyes.

Here is the Italian artisan style. John is a #fashion, trendy, #trendy model, ideal for women who care for fashion clothing and accessories.
With a John it is impossible not to take care of himself.

The box contains a semi-hard case and a cleaning cloth. 


  • Patented snap hinge
  • Mazzucchelli 1849 cellulosa acetate
  • CR 39 Lenses
  • Resin under the lacquer on the front
  • Certification of international quality of Lenses
  • Handmade in Italy Certification